Mini Journal Layout: 23 to 40

Still going strong with the Mini Moley Challenge which, if you have only just arrived, is a challenge where you do a mini art journal page a day


Played around with washi tape for this

Day 23
Washi tape and markers


Day 24
Simply crayola


This made me laugh.

Day 25
Conte Crayons


Wanted to use pinks – didn’t do a very good job of it

Day 26
Paper Artsy Infusions, gel medium and sharpies


Very pleased with this. This was literally my sketch for my first Journal52 page – the prompt was ‘Portal’

Day 27
Watercolours and a fineliner pen


A very valid question. We had just been to Blade Rubber stamps. I love that place but it’s so damned expensive! Which made me wonder if I could doodle stamp shapes. Turns out I can 🙂

Day 28
Book paper, water colour pencils, fine liner pens


I had bought some Cosmic Shimmer and wanted to try it out. Lovely, isnt it?

Day 29
Cosmic Shimmer powder, stencils, white gel pen, stamps


I wanted to play with my Sharpies 🙂

Day 30


I wanted to try freehand drawing

Day 31
Sharpie, fine liner pen


I have two lovely paisley stamps that Laurence bought me ages ago. I think this would make for a lovely sari

Day 32
Wooden stamps, pigment inks


We had just booked our trip to Malta

Day 33


Was playing around with creating texture using just paints

Day 34


Was trying my hand at calligraphy but ended up with butterflies instead

Day 35
Black ink, stamps, misting inks


Proper mixed media! Crocheted a hat for Pauline and decided to record it

Day 36
Acrylic, fine line pen, James C Brett yarn


Literally this. 🙂

Day 37
Fine liner pen, Staedler Pens


Wanted to play around with texture paste

Day 38
Texture paste, gesso, misting inks, watercolour pens


Laurence’s ukulele is hung up on the wall in front of me and surrounded by a colourful wall hanging. This is my interpretation

Day 39
Watercolours, fine liner pen


I went to Excel for a conference. This was the best bit 🙂

Day 40
Fine liner pens

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